domingo, 23 de maio de 2010


Dia 5 promete...
Dia 1 também...
Dia 29 também e por vários motivos até...
Será que todos os dias são agora testes às nossas capacidades físicas e emocionais?
Everything changes in a blink.
And when comes the end of the day,
specially the end of the day...
"They it changes when the sun goes down around here."
You know why?
Because for "me and you
and all the things we do",
"everything is in order in a black hole".

2 comentários:

Ruy Jôrgë disse...

Is that even posdsible?? :o

No, not at all x)


Ruy Jôrgë disse...

If you weren't that kind of PERFECTION maybe it would be possible, but as matter as a fact, you are x)

I'm afraid so, but I didn't forget the word 'say' xD